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Six Flags Reading Program

Have you been looking for a way to encourage your child to read? Six Flags and the Norris library are teaming up to make reading a fun and rewarding experience. Through February 9, students can complete 360 minutes of reading to receive a free Six Flags ticket to be used during the summer in its Read to Succeed program.

Read to Succeed

Read to Succeed is a free educational program sponsored by Six Flags Theme Parks. The program encourages students in grades K through 6 to engage in recreational reading. Students who complete six hours of recreational, non-school-related reading are eligible to earn a free admission ticket to a participating Six Flags Theme Park. – (https://www.sixflags.com/greatamerica/community)

So, get those books out from the book fair, the book store, stop by the library, or turn on your Kindle, download a book from FISD OverDrive. Whatever sparks their interest, let’s get these kids reading!


Click here to download another reading log if yours is lost.

What do I read next?

You finished the most amazing book and now you need your next book.  But What?!?!  Finding your next book after finishing one you really enjoyed can be hard.  To help you with this dilemma I have a few websites that can help guide you with a few suggestions.  And of course Mrs. Mayo is always willing to help you out, too!


What Should I Read Next – Type in the name of the book you read and it will give you book ideas that are similar!

What’s Next – Find out what book is next in a series you are reading.

Kids Read – Read book news, read about authors and new books.

Contra Costa Library has a great website that has different genres and can also give some recommendations as well as book read alikes.

Battle of the Books


Norris Students begin the Battle of the Books in April.  After reading the Texas 2×2 list of books in class, students will vote for their favorites.  Use the link below to cast your vote and see how your favorite books do in this literary battle!


Round 1: Voting Closed

Round 2: Voting Closed

Round 3:Voting Closed

Round 4: Voting Closed

Round 5 – Final Round: Click Here to Vote




Master Builder Landmarks

The Master Builders took their skills around the world recently as they tackled some of the world’s most famous landmarks, including the Eiffel Tower, The Empire State Building and many more.  The students used cards with pictures from each of the Landmarks, which included the location, as they brainstormed how to create the landmark with a limited selection of bricks.



The cards are available from Teachers Pay Teachers.

Mooooving the Reader with Feelings

frecklefaceHow many times have we heard a child read word by word without any feeling?  Reading with expression and understanding character feelings is what the first graders have been working on in the library and in class.  While reading Freckleface Strawberry by Julianne Moore, in the library, the students had to analyze the character’s facial expressions, body language and context clues given by the author to determine how the character was feeling in the story.  The main character went from feeling sad and alone to happy and loved.


mooOnce you understand how a character feels, it is time to add those emotions to your reading voice.  What better book to demonstrate this with other than Moo! by David LaRochelle.  During the first reading of this story, the students did not see the pictures and the words were read without any feeling. Since every word in the book is “Moo” the students soon figured out that using expression while reading gives meaning to the story.  The pictures support text features such as bolded letters, font sizes, capitalization and punctuation.


Experience for yourself how much meaning can be extracted from just the expressive way a story is read!


For more information on Moo as well as teacher guides and activities visit David LaRochelle’s website.

Visiting Illustrator Draws Students to New Ideas

Harris homeroom with FordNorris students recently enjoyed a visit will illustrator AG Ford.  Mr. Ford discussed with the students how he loved drawing as a child.  When he decided he was not any good at basketball, his art teacher encouraged him to continue his education and pursue scholarships with his art abilities.  Attending college in Ohio he discovered the winters were a lot more fierce than Texas weather!

In college he leaned he needed to study and understand how the skeletal and muscular systems worked to draw animals and people.  Ford helped the children understand studying is a part of every career.  He also emphasised how he never gets a sketch right the first time.  He may draw a panel 20 or 30 times before he gets it right.  That’s right Norris students, no more complaining when your teachers ask you to redo something once or twice!

Ag Ford’s big break came when he illustrated the New York Best Selling biography Barack by Jonah Winter.

Shape faceStudent work“Anyone can draw!” Mr. Ford continued to tell the kids. “It is just combining shapes.”  If you know the basic shapes (Square, circle, triangle, rectangle) you can draw anything.  Ford displayed some of his basic drawings, as well as some of his more complex drawings, and showed the kids the starting shapes.  He used this technique to show the Norris Students how to draw a face.

The kids and teachers enjoyed the visit with AG Ford.  Fourth Grade teacher, Katrina Kyser wrote, “This was SUCH a cool opportunity!! I loved this author/illustrator visit!!”  The students could not wait to check out his books and try their hand at drawing a few of the tricks he showed them.


Let’s get this party started!

Norris Elementary students were excited to visit the library the first two weeks of school. 3rd through 5th grade students participated in the Library Olympics.  Rotating through six events, the students learned the procedures for checking out and returning library books.


They reviewed how the Dewey Decimal System is used to organize the library books, as well as how to conduct searches using the Norris OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog).  Students even got to view several book trailers for this year’s nominated Bluebonnet Books.


Kindergarten students discussed appropriate library behavior while laughing at the funny things the animals did in the library in I Took My Frog to the Library by Eric Kimmel.  Scaring the librarian, laying eggs in the shelves, and the laughing Hyena at story time were all crazy animal behaviors the students easily recognized as unexpected library behavior.



First Grade students became stealthy Library Ninjas.  They even had a few chances to solve some library damaged book mysteries.


Second grade students used their detective skills as they were each given a damaged book and had to look for clues to figure out what happened to each.  They soon discovered water, food, pets, and rough handling of books can cause many book injuries.

Damaged Books


The children were so excited to get back into the library.  The library at Norris is a place where students can find topics of interest and stories that might take them across the galaxy.  The library allows students to grow as readers, learners, and as a community.

Exercise Your Brain with Summer Reading

exercise-your-brainAs summer approaches, it is time to begin thinking about your reading plans.  By reading during the summer, children continue to increase their vocabulary, fluency, and reading level.


What can you do over the summer to keep from getting mush brains?

  • Visit TumbleBooks (username – friscoisd, password – books)
  • Participate in Barnes and Noble’s Reading Challenge and get a FREE book after reading over the summer.  Pick up a reading log from the store or download it here.  BN Summer Reading
  • Scholastic also has a summer reading program that you can join.  Visit Scholastic Summer Reading.  Unlock eBooks and enter for a chance to win Klutz books.
  • If you’re wanting to explore new ideas and topics, browse the MackinVia Database and read some of the eBook available there, too. The Nation Geographic database has all the National Geographic Kids magazine for you to read online! Your child will login using their user number (Lunch number) and password (birthday).
  • mush brainFor a details on how to use OverDrive visit the eBooks page for Take Me to the Library.
  • If you’re looking for summer reading and activities, Education World has some great activities and reading lists for each grade. You will also find some great summer reads on the lists below.

Kindergarten – 2nd    * 3rd – 5th   * Middle School


So, it doesn’t matter if you are opening a book from the library, bookstore, or reading an eBook on your favorite device – Just Read!  Don’t let your brain turn to mush over the summer!!

5th Graders Research Scientists

Recently, Norris 5th graders visited the library and explored the exciting lives of some famous scientists. The students learned about all the different resources available to Frisco students, how to site resources, along with how to avoid plagiarizing. To learn more about the lesson visit the Science Research webpage.


Check out some of the great Infographs the students created with their research:

Not just books in the library!

Growing up I always saw the library as a place to get books. The Norris Library is so much
more, though. Have you heard of some of the great things going on in the library? Let’s take a look.



Fifth Grade recently visited the library and learned about Haiku poetry. They read a book written completely in Haiku, Dogku. While reading it, the students practiced counting the syllables. As a class they wrote a Haiku together and finally had the chance to write their very own Haiku poem. Check out the Haiku lesson.


Several grade levels have been preparing for research by learning how to use the different online resources made available through our portal: mackinvia.com. Many of the younger classes use the PeppleGo database.  This primary database reads the information to the students and provides colorful pictures and videos for a wide variety of topics.  World Book Online Encyclopedia provide different levels of information for the younger and older students.  Geographic Kids, Kids InfoBits, Britannica, along with several others resources were discussed by the different grade levels.  Have your student give you a tour.  The login information is their school lunch number and birthday.



Book ClubBook Club 2Third through Fifth grade each month participates in an optional Book Club.  A different book is chosen each month.  At the end of the month the students that read the book will discuss the book in the library during lunch.  But don’t think they wait until that day, I have heard chatter at recess and from the teachers about how much the kids talk about these books together before we ever have our meeting!



IMG_8710IMG_8713Kindergarten recently expanded their library experience with the introduction of Non-fiction books.  To get to know all the topics in this treasure trove of information, the students used iPads to take pictures of interesting topic signs on the shelves.  Then the students shared with other students what topics they were interested in and excited about checking out.



Slide1If you haven’t heard of the Master Builders, and your child loves Lego, you might want to visit the Master Builders website.  This group uses Legos to problem solve.  The students have been challenged to build the tallest freestanding towers, ziplines, boats, bridges, and even recently used Legos and the Lego Movie Maker app to create stop motion videos.  Check out our great Norris Master Builder movie producers: Lego Movies.

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