E is for Everyone

WhenE if for... browsing the library many older students and adults will pass by what used to be known as the easy section.  At Norris Elementary the picture books are known as the Everybody books.  After reading many of the books in this section of the library, I can honestly say they are not all easy, but everyone can enjoy them.  Picture books can open the world to so many different time periods and places.  The beautiful use of language in many picture books helps develop writing skills in even the oldest learners.  The illustrations are often works of art that help connect the readers to the text.  So, before you walk past those picture books, open one up and you will see that they are for Everyone.

Enjoy articles by Tomie DePaola, Rosemary Wells, and Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen as they share their thoughts about the importance of picture books.