Not just books in the library!

Growing up I always saw the library as a place to get books. The Norris Library is so much
more, though. Have you heard of some of the great things going on in the library? Let’s take a look.



Fifth Grade recently visited the library and learned about Haiku poetry. They read a book written completely in Haiku, Dogku. While reading it, the students practiced counting the syllables. As a class they wrote a Haiku together and finally had the chance to write their very own Haiku poem. Check out the Haiku lesson.


Several grade levels have been preparing for research by learning how to use the different online resources made available through our portal: Many of the younger classes use the PeppleGo database.  This primary database reads the information to the students and provides colorful pictures and videos for a wide variety of topics.  World Book Online Encyclopedia provide different levels of information for the younger and older students.  Geographic Kids, Kids InfoBits, Britannica, along with several others resources were discussed by the different grade levels.  Have your student give you a tour.  The login information is their school lunch number and birthday.



Book ClubBook Club 2Third through Fifth grade each month participates in an optional Book Club.  A different book is chosen each month.  At the end of the month the students that read the book will discuss the book in the library during lunch.  But don’t think they wait until that day, I have heard chatter at recess and from the teachers about how much the kids talk about these books together before we ever have our meeting!



IMG_8710IMG_8713Kindergarten recently expanded their library experience with the introduction of Non-fiction books.  To get to know all the topics in this treasure trove of information, the students used iPads to take pictures of interesting topic signs on the shelves.  Then the students shared with other students what topics they were interested in and excited about checking out.



Slide1If you haven’t heard of the Master Builders, and your child loves Lego, you might want to visit the Master Builders website.  This group uses Legos to problem solve.  The students have been challenged to build the tallest freestanding towers, ziplines, boats, bridges, and even recently used Legos and the Lego Movie Maker app to create stop motion videos.  Check out our great Norris Master Builder movie producers: Lego Movies.